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Welcome to the new McGourty Associates, LLC web site. We are a hands-on Mechatronics development company dedicated to serving the Mechatronics design community.

Check out our new product line of MechaBlox flexible Mechatronic Control and Environmental Monitoring building block solutions for rapid concept evaluation and quick design implementation. MechaBlox products come complete with comprehensive documentation and software source code.

New Updates.

Visual Interfaces for MB3001 and MB4001

New visual control programs are available for the MB3001 and MB4001 controllers.

MB3001 Control Program Interface
For even a quicker start, a visual interface control program for Microsoft Windows, MB3001 Demo Control Program V1.0 is available free.

The MB3001 Demo Control program allows complete control of all functions of the MB3001 Stepper Motor Controller from the computer desktop. Just point and click. It is a the quickest way to get the MB3001 up and running, and a great way to see and learn how to the M3001 unit is controlled via its serial interface.

Read about the MB3001 HERE

MB4001 Control Program Interface
The visual interface control program for Microsoft Windows, MB4001 Demo Control Program V1.0 is also available free.

The MB4001 Demo Control program allows complete control of all functions of the MB4001 Quad Relay Controller from the computer desktop. Just point and click. The demo program includes a display window which shows what is sent to the MB4001, and the MB4001's response back. It ia a great way to get the MB4001 up and running fast.

Read about the MB4001 HERE

What's new.

MB3001 now in stock!

MB4001 now in stock!

Mechatronics Designer
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July - August, 2006.
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State of the Art

Your fearless commentator opines on
The IPod Syndrome
Design Files
Simple Multi-tasking for small microprocessors
As long as it has a stack, a return instruction, a push instruction, and a couple bytes of SRAM you can read and write to store task context to, with just a few instructions even the simplest microprocessor can multi-task just fine
Fundamental So..
Millmans's Theorem

Read the issue HERE

Information Week:
Report: Solid-State Drives To Challenge Hard Drives

Zee News:
A brain box computer to create ‘fault tolerant electronics’

Electronic News:
Small Companies Still Unsure on RoHS

ECN Magazine:
Earn Big Rewards With Your Spare-Time Designs-

Mercury News:
The overbuilding of wireless networks lingers in the air
iPod's children China's youth makes them, America's buys them; Apple investigates work conditions
Win98 Train Wreck Is Finally Here

Electronic Design:
Attack Of The Humanoid Robots They walk. Some talk. And you might be able to get one soon

New Product.

The MB4001 Quad Relay Controller.

Some applications require switching high voltage AC, such as 120VAC lights and fans directly. The MB4001 MechaBlox card Quad Relay Controller makes switching AC signals easy.

The MB4001 is a QUAD channel Relay Controller, with 4 completely independent on board 3A-250VAC Max rated relay circuits. Switch AC loads directly, or a secondary high current relay for even heavier loads like pumps and motors.

Read the whole specification HERE

New Product.

The MB3001 Unipolar Stepper Motor Controller.

Based upon Allegro Microsystem's SLA7030 Unipolar Stepper Motor Controller Chip, although small in size (70mm x 70mm), the MB3001 is capable of delivering programmable drive currents up to 1.5 Amp per phase.

The MB3001 uses Pulse Width Modulation drive - it get's the peak performance you need out of your stepper motor drive without the inefficiency and excess heat of bulky RL drives using expensive power forcing resistors.

Read the whole specification HERE

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