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MB3001 UniPolar Stepper Controller
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MB2001 Dual Channel Instrument Amp
MB4001 Quad Relay Controller

MB6050 Powered Protoboard
MB6060 Protoboard

MB4001 Quad Relay Controller

Some applications require switching high voltage AC, such as 120VAC lights and fans directly. The MB4001 MechaBlox card Quad Relay Controller makes switching AC signals easy.

The MB4001 is a QUAD channel Relay Controller, with 4 completely independent on board 3A-250VAC Max rated relay circuits. Switch AC loads directly, or a secondary high current relay for even heavier loads like pumps and motors.

The MB4001 has an onboard wide input voltage range power supply +5VDC @200mA.

The MB4001 comes ready to use, preprogrammed with MechaView software which supports both simple stand alone RS232C interface applications, or more complex networked RS485.

For even a quicker start, a visual interface control program for Microsoft Windows, MB4001 Demo Control Program V1.0 is available free.

The MB4001 Demo Control program allows complete control of all functions of the MB4001 from the computer desktop. Just point and click. The demo program includes a display window which shows what is sent to the MB4001, and the MB4001's response back. It is a great way to see and learn how to the MB4001 unit is controlled via its serial interface.

The MB4001 software source code is available under a GPL license. The MB4001 can be reprogrammed using the inexpensive Atmel AVRISP device and free Atmel AVR Studio software (available from for teaching, experimentation or other custom applications.

CPU-  16-mHz Atmel ATMega8
8-kbytes Program Flash Memory
1-kByte Sram
512-bytes EEROM
Relays-   Quad Potter & Brumfield T77S1D3-05
Voltage Rating-   3A - 250VAC Max
Wire Connector-   Barrier Strips
Board Size-   70mm x 70mm x 12mm (2.75" x 2.75" x 0.5")
Com Interfaces-   RS232C, RS485(half duplex), SPI Interface, TWI (I²S), One wire Interface.
Programming interface-  Supports 10pin AVR serial programming interface
Input Power-   8-30VDC at 200mA max.
- Typically 70mA @ 12VDC, all relays on
Accessories-  Comes with RS232C Com Cable MB1907-001 and
Power cable MB1907-002
Warranty  90 Day Limited Warranty
Download Manuals-  MB4001 Hardware Manual
MechaView for MB4001 Manual
MB4001 Demo Control Program V1.0
MB4001 Demo Control Program Manual
Price-  Introductory price - $79.95
In stock?-   Yes

McGourty Associates does not assume any responsibility for use of any circuitry described, no circuit patent licenses are implied.

McGourty Associates reserves the right at any time without notice to change product specifications as may be required to permit improvements in the perfomance, reliability, or manufacturability.

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