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MechaBlox Solutions

MB3001 UniPolar Stepper Controller
MB3002 Unipolar Stepper Controller
MB3003 Unipolar MicroStep Controller

MB2001 Dual Channel Instrument Amp
MB4001 Quad Relay Controller

MB6050 Powered Protoboard
MB6060 Protoboard

MB6050 Powered Prototyping Board

When your project needs something special, the MB6050 Powered prototype board is the easiest way to get a MechaBlox custom design up and running Fast!!

It comes with it's own assembled and tested on board power supply, so you don't have to sweat the small stuff, - just concentrate on your own design.

Standard DIP type chips and discrete parts mount easily on this 2.8 X 2.8inch (70mmx70mm) MechaBlox system compatible Prototyping board. All holes are plated-through, pads on both sides. Use point to point wiring or wire wrap.

The On board power supply is a wide voltage input, 5VDC @ 200mA output power supply based upon the NSC LM2674 "Simple Switcher" device - and of course, the input power is reverse power protected, and fused - (After all, these are prototype boards, and stuff happens... we know, we know...)

Just doing a simple interface expansion and don't need an onboard +5VDC power supply? Check out the MB6060Prototype Board.

Board Size-   70mm x 70mm x 6mm high
PCB-   Double- sided 0.62" FR4 epoxy-glass, 1oz. Copper. All holes are plated-through, pads on both sides.
Prototyping-   275 Plated through holes are 0.038in.on 100mil spacing, compatible with both Standard DIP (300-600mil widths, up to 40pins) and wire-wrap sockets.
Mounting-   MechaBlox standard spacing, 4 X 0.125 diameter. Compatible with all MechaBlox standard boards.
Busses-   Top plane ground, botton plane VCC
Provision for up to 14 bypass Capacitors and/or power and ground tie points uniformally throughout the board.
Connectors-   Input power connector (MOLEX WM???) provided, All MechaBlox standard conenctors are supported,
Input Power-   8-30VDC at 200mA max.
Fuse-   Wickman TE5, 200mA Fast-Acting
Assessories-   Comes with Power cable MB1907-002
Warranty  90 Day Limited Warranty
In stock?-   Coming soon!

McGourty Associates does not assume any responsibility for use of any circuitry described, no circuit patent licenses are implied.

McGourty Associates reserves the right at any time without notice to change product specifications as may be required to permit improvements in the perfomance, reliability, or manufacturability.

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