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So... what are MechaBlox® solutions exactly and why do I need them?

OK, you know the drill... suddenly you've got a great idea and you are inspired to prototype and test it imediately. Oh-oh.., you've got a problem!

Using traditional prototyping methods means you've got at least a couple of days design work in front of you before you have anything remotely resembling your concept! And that doesn't include assembly and testing... and oh yeah, forget about finding the component you need in stock anywhere.

Then the little doubts start nagging at you, "do I know everything I need to do a good design? - what if I miss something? - will I waste a lot of time and energy for nothing"

All of a sudden that inspiration starts to look unattainable. But it doesn't need to be that way...

With Mechablox you stop prototyping and start conceptualizing - that's why designers call then Quick Concept Evaluation building blocks.

Each inexpensive MechaBlox implements a complete Mechatronic function like a Unipolar stepping motor chopper controller or Piezotransducer sensor interface using the some of the best and latest technology available.

All are based upon a common microprocessor architecture, the widely supported and easy to use high performance Atmel AVR® family - to a designer on a tight schedule this means less learning curve and more design time.

Each functional block has a wide power input range with onboard power regulation and several choices of interface methods - chose the one best for your idea, or explore a couple of options.

To assemble a quick concept system, just snap and stack the functions you need to implement, modify and prove out the concept. It so easy you might not even care when the sales and marketing guys lose or break the model ... this time you got it covered.

And of course, all MechaBlox are supplied with schematics and full open-source software so you can learn how they work, modify operation as required to suit your needs, and when you are ready re-use the design concepts in your own product. Now when you start the final "Fast" prototype, you have some assurance it is going to work!


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